Mission and values



TORRESCAMARA has consolidated its business development along its career path settling a company culture that today is the main asset of the group, and whose values ​​are shared by all employees and collaborators: 

  • The team is the heart of the company. 
  • The customer is the reason for the existence of the company and our goal is to protect its interests.
  • Innovation, oriented to new construction methods that improve cost and efficiency, is a constant concern.
  • The speed of our decision making process is the key to our success, and the quality is the source of our competitiveness. 
  • Challenges create new opportunities, we encourage our team and our partners to be ambitious.
  • Respect for the individual, teamwork and the environment is the beginning of development of the company. 
  • Corporate honesty and trustworthiness define the working methods of employees. It is also established as a fundamental value in relationships with suppliers, employees, customers and society in general. 

This culture of social responsibility is applied to all areas of the group, usually working with government, educational institutions and private foundations. 


The corporate strategy is focused on the steady increase in turnover resulting from the construction activity to consolidate achievements and increase activity in the fields in which we have less presence and consolidate territorial rootedness already begun. 

TORRESCAMARA has been working for years to support its growth by integrating environmental and social issues in its management model. The growth and diversification that is experiencing the company in recent years makes necessary to pay more attention to the impact of our activities. 

Thus, we have set a number of strategic objectives in the area of corporate responsibility, ranging from the implementation of R&D oriented to sustainability, to investment in renewable energy. 


Internationalization of the company has started as the strategic priority,with the initial aim of participating in the construction of civil works in countries with strong needs for new infrastructure.

In its internationalization process, TORRESCAMARA has been supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through IVACE.


Research, technological development and innovation represent the generation of new  proprietary technology solutions in order to solve specific construction problems that arise in the execution of our various works. 

TORRESCAMARA, as a fundamental part of its production activities, develops research activities, development and innovation aiming much of their work to generate high added value, either by the introduction of innovative materials or processes or the development of mechanisms that allow for optimization and improvement in product quality, all resulting in the satisfaction and benefit of its customers. 

Innovative projects focus on technological advances on products and their manufacturing processes and management, with internal teams or collaborating centers such as laboratories, universities and other technological innovation centers.