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Detalle Mercado de Colón, Valencia
Planta aglomerado AIE ELSAN-TORRESCAMARA en Real de Montroi
Locomotora LOGITREN

TORRESCAMARA diversifies its activities in different areas such as the extraction of aggregates, production and application of bituminous mixtures, rail transport, restoration of historic and artistic heritage and innovation in water technologies. 

TORRESCAMARA owns several aggregates production plants: Ribarroja Aggregates, Llombai Aggregates and Ebro Aggregates. These facilities provide the company a supply security and quality for the works. 

Since 2002, TORRESCAMARA participates in the partnership ELSAN-TORRESCAMARA, which owns a production plant of hot asphalt and asphalt agglomerate with a capacity of 150 t/h, located in the Valencian town of Real de Montroi, as well as asphalt extension equipments. These media are an essential support for the implementation of road works in the province of Valencia, including maintenance works. 

TORRESCAMARA participates since 2007 as founding partner in LOGITREN railway operator, as a a firm commitment to rail freight and passengers transport, key for a sustainable development.

TORRESCAMARA has an important stake in the company Estudios y Métodos de la Restauración (EMR) , dedicated to the restoration and conservation of historic and artistic heritage since 1983, and takes over the management of the company from September 2013.